When to Use the CEO as Crisis Spokesman


Know­ing whether to de­ploy the chief ex­ec­u­tive as its pub­lic face dur­ing a cri­sis is a tricky ques­tion for a com­pany to an­swer but two re­cent re­search pa­pers say there are times when it is more ad­van­ta­geous to do so.

The first pa­per, pub­lished in De­cem­ber in the Jour­nal of In­ternational Man­age­ment, found the use of the CEO is more ef­fec­tive in places where peo­ple ex­pect and ac­cept dif­fer­ences in sta­tus in so­ci-eties, also known as “power-dis­tance ori­en­ta­tion.”

The second paper can be found here .

I will be expanding on this topic in my next blog post.

Source: WSJ

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