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Board and Fraud is a blog that aims to bring a practical approach to issues facing the board of directors and the audit committee specifically in the area of governance, risk management, compliance, and internal audit, with a strong focus on fraud, ethics, and internal controls.

Baker Tilly is proudly is Speaking at 2 Presentations during the 14th Annual Fraud Summit on campus at the University of Texas at Dallas on March 29th, 2019


Jonathan T. Marks, CPA, CFE, Partner at Baker Tilly and Joe Kodali, Manager from Montgomery Coscia Greilich (MCG) are presenting the following sessions on Friday March 29th:

  • Professional skepticism: A tool to fight fraud
    • This session will discuss how a trusting culture could provide an opportunity for fraud to occur
  • The future of fraud risk management
    • The session will focus on the key components of a fraud risk management program and discuss what the board and senior management expect today and might expect in the near future.
    • The discussion will provide practical insights on what skills might be required yesterday, today, and tomorrow and delve into how internal audit can enhance its value to the organization through experience and training.
    • Lastly, we will highlight the trends in the ever expanding digital era and how internal audit can stay ahead of internal and external changes through the on-going evaluation of risks.

Stop by our booth and pick up our “Typical Path to Investigations” handout and learn more about our capabilities in the forensic, governance, internal audit,  risk management, and compliance spaces.

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