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Baker Tilly Forensic Partner will be Speaking Today at the IIA in Washington D.C. on the Future of Fraud Risk Management

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Risk Management ConceptJonathan T. Marks will lead today’s discussion that will focus on the key components of a fraud risk management program and discuss what the board and senior management expect today and might expect in the near future. The discussion will then provide practical insights on what skills might be required and then delve into how internal audit can enhance its value to the organization through experience and training. Lastly, the discussion will highlight the trends in the ever expanding digital era and how internal audit can stay ahead of internal and external changes through the on-going evaluation of risks.

Jonathan T. Marks CPA, CGMA, CFF, CITP, CFE
Jonathan is a forensic accountant and a partner at Baker Tilly and has more than 30 years of experience working closely with clients, their board, senior management, internal audit, compliance, legal & outside law firms on global/domestic fraud, misconduct, cyber incidents, bribery & whistleblower matters and when appropriate conducting a forensic investigation, then when possible performing root cause analysis in order to develop remedial procedures, and design or enhance governance, global risk management, and compliance systems along with internal controls and policies & procedures to mitigate future potential issues. Jonathan has educated and advised some of the world’s largest companies in these and other areas.

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