Getting the Monkey off your Back – A Road Map that will help lead you in times of Crisis

In one of the more unusual incidents being attributed to the new Wuhan COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak, a turf war between dozens of street monkeys and temple monkeys broke out in Thailand’s historic city of Lopburi ( According to city residents, the furry fracas likely resulted from a sharp dip in tourism to the 800-year-old city — and thus a dip in free food offerings to thousands of local monkeys. We doubt the local residents of Lopburi considered this risk when the COVID-19 story first broke.


So this begs the question, have you thought about how you assessed your supply chain, business continuity and crisis plan to account for critical dependencies and a variety of other possible impacts.


A business impact analysis is very helpful to identify risks and consequences organizations face as they try to navigate today’s high-risk business environment. Specifically, it should provide insight into physical, operational, and systemic risks. Identifying risks and managing them appropriately can give organizations competitive advantages.

Practice Pointer: Risks change! It’s critical to continuously evaluate the situation, because new risks may emerge and risk previously identified may have a different velocity and thus the speed of impact might change – some may slow and some may increase.

Take the time now in order to avoid having the monkey on your back and suffering the negative impact of poorly managed risks!

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Sincerely, Jonathan T. Marks and Paul Zikmund

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