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At Baker Tilly, we create meaningful experiences with our clients to solve their most pressing problems and seize new opportunities.

Our relationships with clients are genuine. We understand their world today and provide insights that shape their tomorrow.

We collaborate seamlessly to serve our clients across the globe with more than 150 offices!


The reputational risk associated with fraud can be more impactful than the actual financial loss. Baker Tilly’s highly-credentialed investigation professionals help clients uncover issues and strengthen controls.

Preventing and detecting fraud

Our experience conducting fraud investigations allows us to advise our clients on measures they can take to prevent fraud from occurring and detect issues before they expand. Our clients look to us to design anti-fraud programs and controls, perform anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance assessments, and perform proactive fraud examinations to identify possible red flags or indicators of fraudulent activity.

Correcting deficiencies, addressing gaps in controls, and remediation of specific issues is important at the end of every investigation to prevent the same or similar frauds from recurring. We address these important client needs at the end of our investigations and can assist with implementing remedial actions.


We have spent the last year developing a data analytics wire-frame that will enable the compliance function to start or enhance the goal of becoming business intelligent and increasing enterprise resiliency.

Financial Crimes – AML/BSA/Sanctions

We have an entire sweet of services from look-backs, to model validation, to-assisting with the regulators. Our team has deep experience dealing with money laundering, sanctions, and other issues facing many institutions and organizations.

Trusted advisors

Organizations want advisors they can trust to assist them through their most sensitive business issues. Clients count on us because we combine our deep financial acumen with a collaborative approach to addressing their most urgent needs. We are present at the table with our clients alongside government regulators in high stakes “bet-the-company” matters to provide objective, fact-based findings on very sensitive investigation matters. We have built a strong reputation of supporting our clients from the identification of their issues through resolution.

Fraud puts assets, reputations and even freedom in jeopardy.

For clients with so much at stake, Baker Tilly brings the breadth of perspective necessary to investigate fully, assist counsel with litigating and remediate any type of financial misconduct.

Key Service capabilities include:

  • 10-A investigations
  • Accounting defense
  • Allegation triage
  • Anti-fraud consulting, including fraud risk assessments
  • Board training
  • Class action assistance
  • Compliance program assessment, design, and enhancement.
  • Comprehensive investigative services, including hazing and workplace issues.
  • Construction fraud
  • Corporate accounting fraud investigations
  • Corporate defense
  • Cross-border investigations
  • Cyber incidents
  • Digital forensics (servers, laptops, phones, and other devices)
  • Document review and analysis
  • Damage calculations (lost profits)
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Electronic discovery and AI
  • Expert witness services and other litigation support
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) consulting and investigations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Forensic technology
  • Fraud risk assessments
  • Governance reviews
  • Integrity monitoring (DPA, CIA, etc.)
  • Integrity due diligence – reviews
  • Internal control review, design, and enhancement
  • Model validations and tuning
  • Monitorships and monitoring programs
  • Money laundering, including look-backs and Compliance
  • Pre and post merger or acquisition due diligence
  • Preventative client audits and assessments
  • Regulatory matters (SEC, DOJ, OCC, IRS, etc.)
  • Qui Tam matters
  • Remediation assistance
  • Remote Investigations
  • Revenue recognition issues
  • Restatements
  • Root cause analysis
  • Special board projects
  • Supply chain matters
  • Tax controversy
  • Technical accounting matters (i.e. revenue recognition)
  • Third-party program development and audits
  • Trial assistance
  • Training (customized)
  • Whistleblower matters
  • White collar defense (CEO, COO, CFO, CCO, CAE, etc.)
  • Witness interviews and strategy


We have a diverse and talented global group of professionals that can handle most matters!

Call or send me an e-mail to learn more, or set up a consultation.


Jonathan T. Marks, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA, CFE and NACD Board Fellow | Practice Leader

(215) 557-2025

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