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The Continued Evolution of Best Practices for Compliance Programs!


There have been significant releases of information by the federal government which directly impacted compliance professionals. Two came from the Department of Justice and one came from the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control. This eBook will discuss them all in depth and provide a structure for the compliance practitioner to use guidance from all three cases to implement best practices in their compliance program.

The information provided not only the government’s refreshed thinking on what constitutes a best practices compliance program but lays out specific, actionable items every compliance practitioner can take to implement them in a corporate compliance program. While each document focuses on areas specific to that discipline; anti-corruption compliance, anti-trust compliance and trade sanction compliance, taken together it drives home the message of the convergence of compliance from disparate disciplines together into one overall ‘compliance’ function.

Jonathan T. Marks, CPA, CFF, CFE


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